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Mezzanine Stands for Substantial driven space

A mezzanine booth also called a Double Decker or two-story stand is the best possible way to redefine your eureka moment and command your driven space. Double Decker design adds a solid touch to your stand and makes it a focal point of the whole exhibition. Although these stands cost you a few extra dimes, they are completely worth every penny you spend.

If you don't want to confine your booth design imaginations just because of the space constraint, the mezzanine stand is a perfect alternative. Mezzanine stands facilitate a company to think and innovate beyond expectations. They are known to act as an ideal crowd-puller due to its large size and exuberant design.  

Double Decker stands are gaining a lot of traction recently as they help maximize the space without renting a larger floor area. Comprising of two floors, the stands allow you to perfectly integrate several areas like reception, VIP lounges, product and demo area, etc. Furthermore, these stands help you to keep out the cluttering of stuff, focus more on individual clients with added privacy and space for each attendant. Clean, unique, and professional!

With our robust and elegant mezzanine stands, the business prospects of your customers are likely to multiply by many folds. Our expert professional team utilizes modern technologies with a 3D CAM technique to create numerous visual representations that suit the need and feel of your business.

Mezzanine Stands

We believe that corporate exhibition success is backed by quirky and engaging content. Our award-winning expert designers can invoke the eye-catching graphics and visual effects for immersive customer engagement. At The Expohouse Worldwide, we have a dedicated creative team to induce a unique panache to your exhibit. We take great pride in being one of the few successful Double Decker exhibition stand builders that can truly transform an exhibitor's vision into reality.

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